What is Astragalus?

Astragalus is an herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions and illnesses including upper respiratory infection, fatigue, cancer, and heart disease.

picture of the Astragalus plant astragalus can be taken in capsule form in addition to teas and tinctures

According to modern Chinese medicine, Astragalus is believed to strengthen all the body systems and is especially useful for treating conditions that cause fatigue, similar to Ginseng. It is prescribed for everything from high blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes.

Studies conducted on Astragalus show that it helps to promote and improve immune function increasing the strength of T cells. In studies on mice, it was found that Astragalus improved the ability of macrophages (white blood cells) to consume bacteria and viruses. For this reason many cancer patients who are taking immune-suppressing treatments like chemotherapy benefit from supplementing with this herb.

Astragalus Uses

Astragalus tonic can be used to protect the immune system. It promotes healing, aids metabolism and induces sweating. It has been shown to effectively increase stamina and combat the effects of long-term stress and fatigue. It is good for chronic lung weakness and upper respiratory infections as well and can be used to help treat similar cold and flu symptoms. Astragalus uses also include immune-deficiency related problems including cancer and AIDS.

Other Names for Astragalus & Its Uses

This herb is also known as huang qi, milk vetch, and yellow leader

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